A brief rules primer.

For those who have not read the rules the following should give you enough to understand what is going on under the hood and help with character advancement choices. Some of the rules I’ll be using are expanded rules to be found in WD and  or collections such as the restless dead and apothecara now.

Stats and skills and how they are used.

I hope that we would all recognise the stat line from other GW games. Some are percentile rather than 1-10.  These stats may go up as you advance but more on that later.
Any time you wish to do something that holds some challenge to its competition you need to role equal or under the relevant stat. There are bonuses and minuses to the base value depending on circumstance. One of the ever present minuses is if you do not have a skill relevant to the action.

When 1-10 stats are used in this way multiply the stat by 10 to give the base number.

Combat is a specialised use of stats and skills and will be covered in detail later.

Careers and character advancement.

Every Character has a career they are actively following or leaving behind as they start as adventurers. Each career has a set of skills and stat advances associated with them and it is through these that your character develops.

The skills are self explanatory to a level, (please do not hesitate to ask what a given skill can do for you if you need to) stat advances can be bought with experience points (EP) to give a permanent +10 or +1 boost to your stat.

From your first career you start with all the skills listed (unless a % chance is given for that skill) and one free stat advance no more. Experience can be used to take the stat advances and to take any % chance skills you missed out on at creation. Some % chance skills cannot be taken later such as very strong or very resilient.

Once you have taken all the stat advances and at least two skills if it is not your first career you may pay EP to change to a new career that is one of your current career exits or a new basic career of your type, that is academic, warrior, rouge or ranger. You must collect the trappings first and have a logical way to be doing the job otherwise you’ll have to look for something else.


WARNING: It is very easy to get killed in this game!

Combat rounds are initiated the moment one or all of any opposing factions decides to attack. If any side is surprised (GMs decision) their opponents gain a free round of combat.
Once all sides are fighting actions occur in Initiative order. The expanded rules of effective initiative will be used. This randomly assigns an edge to one or other side, translating in a d10 bonus to all that sides initiatives.

Fighting then occurs.

Hand to hand:

First one or other opponent must charge gaining a plus to WS in the process. Rolling under or equal to your WS means a hit is scored damage is rolled with the weapons modifier if any added on. The value rolled to hit is reversed to find out the location of the hit and the targets toughness and armour value for the region is taken from the total damage. The target may now attempt to parry but uses up their next attack to do so (if they have used their attack for this round, even in another parry they cannot attempt the parry). This can reduce the damage inflicted, even to zero.

The individual now loses the total wounds. Once the target goes below zero you start rolling on the critical charts that can result in anything from a dropped weapon to an evisceration. The further below zero your wounds the more sever the outcome of the chart.

If neither side is dead the opponent that scored the most wounds has a bonus to initiative.


Just roll equal or under your BS to hit. Modifiers (almost all negative)  are applied to the base BS according to range, cover and target size. I’m using expanded rules to allow the targeting of specific hit locations but these incur big negative modifiers to BS. Damage is applied as hand to hand.

All weapons except hand weapons, daggers, bows and crossbows require a specialist skill to use so Werner’s and Kirsten’s throwing weapons are a bit useless best just consider Werner has a hand axe and Kirsten a dagger.

All other rules I think can be explained as they arise.

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  1. Here's a link to a first edition copy of the WHFRP rulebook if you guys don't yet have a copy of the rules.



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