Posting Procedures

 Adapted from Bards blog adventure to be found here.

Posting Schedule: 

We should all try to post once every 2 days. In practice this boils down to:

1. GM posts.
2. Players have 24 hours to post actions or queries in response.
3. GM has 24 hours to indicate results or answer queries (48 hours after GM's previous post)
4. Players have 24 hours to post actions or queries (48 hours after their previous post).
5. Etc.

This being said, if people have time to post more frequently, they can. But the standard is that you are "entitled" to a full 48 hours between posts and you should not feel rushed.

Posting Conventions:

A little organisation here will pay dividens.

1. Post as your own post after each new GM post.

2. Anything out of character or related to rules can be posted as a reply to your own post.

3. I shall tag each of my posts with an adventure, chapter and GM tag plus useful combinations of the two.

    For example TEW, TEWchapter1, TEWGM, TEWchapter1GM, GM.

    Please tag your own posts in the same way, for example, TEW, TEWchapter1, TEWwanda, TEWchapter1wanda, Wanda.

    This will mean we can see all posts relating to a particular stage of the adventure, the whole adventure,  just the GMs post and so on just by selecting the right tag.

4. Please start your post with your character's portrait and name.
5. Write in the third person.
6. Write everything in the default font/colour (no fancy formatting).
7. Indicate speech by using quotation marks.
8. Feel free to use if/then statements (they can save time).



Werner knocks on the door of the merchants tower. If the merchant answers, Werner says: "Greetings, sir! May I to speak with you on a matter of great import?" If he does not answer, Werner looks around to see if there is another door.
Tagged as:
SoBH, SoBHchapter4, SoBHWerner, SoBHchapter4Werner, Werner.

Then as a reply to the above post:


I know the merchants servant is more likely to answer but Werner doesn’t know that!
Are there any open windows, even on an upper floor, that might allow entrance if the merchant doesn't answer the door?
Werners dex is low but he has scale sheer surface. Not sure how climbing through a window will go but worth a go.

Flow Rules – Keeping Things Moving:

Because of the slow nature of PbB play, we'll want to avoid decision impasses and other unnecessary delays. We really don't want the party to spend two weeks deciding which corridor to take, especially if it really doesn't matter. So the following "flow" rules are in play.

1. For "inconsequential" party actions: Inconsequential actions are those where, given the party's knowledge, there is no reason to choose one option over another (for example, confronted with two identical passageways, do you go east or west?) As soon as any two players have agreed on a course of action, that's the one the party adopts.

2. For "important" party actions: These are informed choices that can have actual consequences, and party discussion should decide the action taken. However, excessively lengthy debates in danger zones will result in the arrival of wandering monsters (I'll give a warning if the debate is getting too long). In "safe" areas, if the discussion gets too long or deadlocked, I'll eventually just call for a vote. If, after a vote, there is still a deadlock, and the game bogs down, I'll roll a Fel/Ld check for each PC. The character who passes by the greatest margin (or fails by the lowest margin if no one passes), succeeds in convincing the group to adopt his/her course of action, and that's the course taken. This is only for really extreme cases of "game clog."

3. Posting Delays: I'd like for us all to maintain the rhythm of posting once every two days, but real life happens, and sometimes one of us just won't be able to make a post in a given 48-hour window. That's understandable. When this occurs, if there's no crucial reason for the delayed individual to specify an action or opinion, I'll simply move the narrative along without waiting. If there is something important going on that really needs the delayed individual's input, I'll give a grace period of one day, before moving on. If there is still no post, I will NPC the character. If I'm the one delayed, I'll post that I'm delayed, and will tell you when I expect to start posting again, so that you don't waste time checking each day to see whether or not I've posted. If you know you have a posting break in the future please let us know.

4. Combat: Combat posts will normally be round-by-round, as they often involve casting spells, or attempting creative or clever "non-standard" maneuvers or actions. If, however, all members of the party declare only "standard" combat actions (e.g. I shoot my bow, I swing my sword), I'll simply assume repetition of said actions in successive rounds indefinitely until there is some change in situational status (e.g. a party member takes damage, the enemy flees, new enemies arrive, etc.). This is just to move things along if nothing "special" is happening. As soon as the situation status changes in any way, we'll immediately go back to round-by-round.

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