Sunday, 20 May 2012

A Fateful Meeting: Kirsten Spots a Witch!

Bemused, Kirsten listened to the hairball harangue the elf with his unceasing babble? The brave little fool! Didn't he know that the Elf's not only had tails, they also happened to eat people? Everyone knew that. She made to step forward and draw the cheerful little fellow back before the elf leaned forward to tear his throat out with sharp teeth. Fortunately however, some old man with a 'tache managed to deflect the halfling's attention with a well timed racial insult. A few moments later, her jaw fell open witha  click. Had that... man... just accused she and Harball of being thieves? In public?  How dare he! How dare he make such a presumption about her? Or anyone! Didn't he know such talk could send up a hue and cry? That such idle talk could get her killed?The fact he was right on the button with regards to her profession was besides the point. How on earth had he known? It wasn't as though she walked around with a set of lock-picks on her belt after all. Her eye's narrowed.

Was he some sort of witch?

She glared at the moustached witch angrily, bravely (or foolishly) opening her mouth to begin a harangue of her own when yet another stranger arrived and being throwing her weight around. Johann Stumpfur, the local Agitator, would have called the new-comer a boor-jewr bitch! And going by the way she threw her name around (as though it was supposed to mean something) he'd have been right! Just because she'd had the fortune to be born somebody, it didn't make her better than anyone else. Even if most of the foolish Imperial pro-tail-e-at were stupid enough to believe it did.

With so many targets for her indignation, Kirsten found herself unsure where to begin. Instead, she stamped her foot impotently. Such people! Well, if they all intended to seek work together, at least they would have some use as walking shields to hide behind. Certainly, she couldn't imagine that any of them -least of all Fraulein high-and-mighty there- would be of any use.

Except for Werner and Harbal, of course. Harbal had a point about his kin's ability to travel about unseen and Werner? Well, if anyone in this knot of vagrants looking for work could handle himself in a fight, it would be Werner.

It was hardly an auspicious start to the day. There were already almost as many separate arguments in process as there were beings gathered around the departing town-criers' nook.

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