Saturday, 19 May 2012

A Fateful Meeting - Harbull lists his qualifications

Harbull stared up at Johan with a steely glare...

"Well, to my ears 'repossession' sounds like it calls for stealth and subtlety. My mother always said that it's better to not cause a fuss when it can be avoided with a bit of sneaking."
"You'll notice I'm not some enormous man-thing that can't fit through a small window that's been left ajar. Also, like most Halflings, I'm graceful and well-groomed... not prone to go about making a lot of noise and knocking over chamber pots and alerting guard dogs with incessant pork-scented flatulence. I'm quick to recognize trouble when it's afoot and I have a good eye for hiding places where YOU could not fit. Also, if there is anything that needs reading... I can read it."
"I suppose your plans usually involve walking up to someone and hitting them on the head? Am I wrong?"

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