Sunday, 20 May 2012

A Fateful Meeting: Kirsten follows on.

Kirsten couldn't help but giggle delightedly at Herr Harbull's earnest desperation. Bemused that any creature with so full a figure for it's size would be more concerned with finding food than the wealth to buy it, she allowed herself to follow along in the wake of the others. She kept a careful, wary eye on "the moustache" (as she had come to think of the potential witch in their midst) and considered simply fading into some shadowed alley somewhere along the way. Werner and Harbull seemed like hearty companions, but the witch and the elf could be downright dangerous! And the other woman? Well, she already seemed to represent everything Kirsten despised about the moneyed classes. Still, (and she cast a nervous glance back over her shoulder as she thought about it), perhaps being in the company of such obviously dangerous types as these would keep Al and his Tilean cronies off her back?

Reluctantly, she decided that staying with the halfling and his amiable companion was her safest option. Still, she'd have a word in private with Harbull and Werner when she could, warning them to keep an eye on the moustache and the elf. She sighed. Perhaps she'd better have them keep an eye on the other woman too? But for different reasons. She seemed to be making rather cosy with the elf, and any sensible person knew how that would end up. She felt sure she would come to dislike the Fraulein even more intensely during the next few hours. But still, disliking someone was not nearly reason enough to allow them to end up warming a sharp-toothed elf's belly from the inside.

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