Friday, 18 May 2012

A fateful meeting. - Werner breaks the silence

"Harbull!," Werner cries in excitement to the halfling at his side, "Our adventure has landed in our laps. Well paying? Dangerous? A councillor backing the job. Why this has all the earmarks of a great job based on the stories at the travellers rest."

"The old veteran's would call this one a plum job I'm sure. We'd be fools not to petition for the job."

"Say", Werner says turning to Wanda, "have you heard anything about Herr Oldenhaller? We'll have to do our best to get an audience.....this man has a STREET named after him."

Looking towards the other wanderers in the vicinity he lowers his voice to Wanda and Harbull. "I hope we don't have much competition for the job, or perhaps there is substantial employment...." His voice trails off and he rubs his chin looking thoughtful.

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  1. Not sure if there is a convention for the posting titles.....I can edit as necessary.

    Werner will respond well to ideas of coming up with a bargaining group for the job. He probably isn't clever enough to come up with an idea like this though.


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