Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Into The asylum: Werner suggests the obvious option

The light fades from the footman's lantern, leaving the group shrouded by darkness. The sounds of the city are not far away, but seem curiously muffled to Werner, with the sounds of his companions dominating his senses. Various creaking of leather, and fidgeting of possessions. The coolness of the night has been displaced by the nearness of friendly bodies, and hints of the fine mealed served by oldenhaller waft on everyone's breath.

-A fine meal before an execution? Werner shakes his head a moment to banish the thought. Where did that come from? Besides it seemed more like a tale from knights and social betters....who would waste good food on a doomed commoner?
-A rich man might, traitorous thoughts hiss back at him.

"...What do we do next?" echoes Malmir's question against the close stonework of the stairwell.

"It looked look a stout enough door," remarksWerner as he pushes his bulk towards the front of the group. "Feels like it too," he adds, as he runs his broad callused hands over the scarred wood of the door and frame and gives an experimental push.

"Normally one would knock at a door. Anyone know what that gibberish was on the door?" he asks gesturing to the writing on the wall.


  1. OOC:
    Werner will try and find a weak spot in the door/doorframe in case he needs to bash it down in a hurry. He doesn't want to knock on it until/if the group agrees to do that, but he will hammer on the door to test it if/when allowed.

    OOC 3:
    Who is carrying the bag from Oldenhaller?

    1. If no one expressly wants it, could I suggest that Wanda takes it?

      @GM: If she does have it, can she actually sense that the thing is magical?

  2. Also: shamelessly stole and cropped an image from Russ Nicholson. I love his work.

    1. As do I, probably all of us here do! Good choice of door, I was looking for a decent ink line door last night for my last post. Never found one before the wife insisted I stop blogging and come to bed.

  3. Have to agree on Russ there. Very evocative of the game. His blog is an excellent resource for images mind.


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