Sunday, 20 May 2012

A New Life Beckons: Malmir: A decision, a reflection and a question or two.

Malmir stepped forwards, his boots leaving brown, un-mentionable streaks across the grandiose carpet. That will teach me, he thought, trying to work up a crowd in a place like Delberz, or whatever this human colony was called. He'd heard of far larger, more cultured cities and assumed that the impeccably dressed man in front of him was a good indication of the type who would dwell within them. The type who would enjoy the finesse or elven music and the subtle inflections of his melodious voice. For a moment, Malmir considered dumping his new found acquaintances and making Oldenhaller an offer. Such a man would surely pay handsomely for the skills that Malmir had in abundance- he was certain that he was the only elf minstrel in one hundred leagues. Something stayed his tongue. In later days Wanda would say it was fate, perhaps the insidious doings of a far greater power, while Johann would joke and say it was the prospect of the halfling's meat and potato hot pot. Malmir knew different- though he would seldom admit it, even to himself.

He was tired of walking away.

As most of his companions, Wanda excluded, seemed a little intimidated by the grandour of the room and stood dumbfounded, Malmir felt that he should ask the first questions. He expected the rest of his companions to do the same and babble out a long list of enquiries that Oldenhaller, a professional man undoubtably, would quietly absorb and answer at the end of the summons.

"It seems obvious sir, " Malmir began, "to discuss payment. What will be the financial nature of the employment? An advance to purchase equipment? Or full payment when the gem has been delivered?

"Secondly, what details can you give us of our destination. The asylum? Are there any dangers we should prepare ourselves to face?

The elf stepped back into the ragged line of adventurers, his contribution made and waited for the rest of his companions to speak.

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  1. OCC

    Malmir will attempt to use his charm and etiquette skills to uncover as much information as he can from Oldenhaller. Through his dealings with his elven elders he suspects that the autocrat will hold back information of some sort (this type always do) and will definately try and encourage Oldenhaller to slip up is he can.

    Secondly, once a price has been agreed Malmir will attempt to increase the amount paid out (or encourage Ollenhaller to pay an advance). Though a charmer, Malmir is honest and will insist on equal shares for each of the group.


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