Saturday, 26 May 2012

Unexpected discoveries

Even Malmirs eyes couldn't penetrate the near total dark of the corridor leading from the doorway. However, frustrated at the time it had taken to transverse a simple door he plunged into the dark trusting that someone would bring with them the lantern left by Oldenhaller's footman. Johann followed only for Kirsten to push past. Johann was then followed by Wanda with the lantern, Harbull and Werner acting as rear guard.

 Their mission a secret, they had not dared to open the lantern fully so only Malmir could really see into the gloom and only then when Wanda had made it through the door way. I think you may want to let more light out young Apprentice", the elf said, "I cannot be the eyes for the whole group and you should all see this."
Now they were in the Asylum proper away from prying eyes Wanda decided opening the lanterns shutters would be of little risk.  Just an inch or so more gap for light to flood out and soon as their eyes adjusted they all saw what previously only Malmir and Harbull could see.

After only a few paces the corridor opened out into a small square room. The walls here were dressed stone, a table lay upturned in the centre of the room, lockers all forced open lined the wall immediately opposite the adventurers with an opening in the right most wall. Of particular note was a long iron bar protruding from the top of a slot in the wall just the the left of the entrance they had just come in.  There were no people to be seen at all.

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