Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Into The Asylum: Werner makes a point against points

Werner looks at the various weapons being brought out and fingered absent mindedly. It had the reek of a bad situation charging down upon them like a crazed boar.

"It's easy enough to start a fight," he said slowly, thinking of various tavern brawls he had seen, many that had resulted in life time scars and disability for participants. "It's much harder to stop one."

"If our elf can hold back his lust for human blood for long enough, perhaps we can benefit from some silver tongues" he tips his head towards the ladies in their midst.

"Have your weapons ready, but lets not indicate we are seeking a fight". Werner adjusts his axes to be easily accessible, but leaves them in their carrying loops.

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  1. OC: As mentioned before, Werner is for knocking and wants to check the door as he knocks on it (if we go this way).


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