Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Kirsten Explores: The plot thickens...

Ears and eyes straining in the gloom, Johann crouched at the ready. A stifled cough and a whispered exchange from the shadows ahead tightened his grip on his sword.

So tense was the wait that the very signal he was waiting for startled him. He started at the harsh rattle and crack as the pebble came skittering down the passageway. Glancing wryly at Werner, Johann flexed the fingers of his sword hand, allowing the blood to flow back in and restore some sensation.He beckoned his remaining comrades on and padded down the corridor to join Malmir and Kirsten.

More chaos and disarray met his eyes as he entered, and was that... Yes, the presence of death too. He was surprised at how little the sight of the bodies affected him after the gamut of emotions he had just about masked from the others since they had set out on this mysterious venture. He was no stranger to death - he had seen enough of it floating belly up during his time on the river. No, it was the fear of the unknown that had threatened to unman him earlier. Now they were dealing in absolutes.

Seeing that Kirsten and the Elf were occupied in searching the room, Johann gestured silently to Malmir that he would stand guard by the closed door. They had taken the bloody mess in their stride, although the girl seemed reluctant to meet his eye for some reason; Johann resolved to do the same, positioning himself by the door, sword raised and ready, in such a manner that would enable him to surprise any that entered.

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  1. Assuming there is an obvious doorway leading out of the room, Johann will stand guard, sword ready, next to it so that he can easily surprise any would be attackers.

    If there is a closed door he will listen out carefully for any movement on the other side - ready to move should it suddenly burst open.

    If it is another doorless opening he will stand guard in a similar way to the last doorway, keeping watch down the corridor.


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