Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Kirsten Explores: Werners Axe is finally drawn

The scatter of the pebble in the hallway made Werner jump a bit. He was comforted to see that Johann was as tense as he was. At his gesture he followed the man down the corridor into the gloom as quietly as possible, although their movements sounded much louder than the void of noise Kirsten had made.

Why am I thinking about Frau Fleischer's shoppe at a time like this? he thought to himself.
-Blood. The answer came as he stepped into the room. He stared at the dark stains and half revealed secrets of dead men dancing in the flickering light of a half consumed torch. Of course it would smell like a butcher shop....his nose had clued in before his mind.

It was strange to see unknown men dead. Werner had seen farm accidents, tavern fights gone awry, duels brought on by too much drink or debt, but this was the first time he had never seen the victim prior to their death. He felt hollow; how should he feel to these men? He could not summon up even a bit of like or dislike. Perhaps it meant he was a bad man.

Noticing Johann moving to guard the next door he followed his lead. I think this calls for drawn weapons he finally decided. His axe was moved from his sling to hang easily in hand.

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