Saturday, 9 June 2012

Richer Blood: Malmir's warnings and questions

"Werner's right! Its best if we avoid that body." Malmir said. "Though the dead fellow's disease did little to hamper the actions of whoever cut off that arm! Why was the limb removed? A ring? A chained cuff attached to a box or case? Why not just sever the hand?"

Malmir scanned the room with his elven eyes as if the answer to his questions would be scattered somewhere amongst the drying blood.

"That box that Oldenhaller mentioned, who has it? He made reference to this gem having rather unpleasant qualities and that once in our possession it should be placed within its confines. Could we be looking at the previous owner of the gem? Is disease its gift to those that handle it? If so, why would a man like Oldenhaller employ us to retrieve it for him, eh?

To Werner, who had stood as a silent sentinel during Malmir's monologue, the elf seemed to withdraw into memory once more. His eyes taking on that familiar glazed look as he drifted through his memories for something. A clue perhaps? What did elves know of the world that mere men did not?

"A quick search here but don't touch the body or the blood. The air should be safe for a short time. I'm heading back to the others, I want to ask Wanda if she can identify if our box is a magical item or not. Things are certainly becoming interesting..."

With that, the elf turned and left the room.

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  1. OCC

    Malmir will want to know who is carrying the box. He will use his charm to encourage them to hand it over into his keeping. Additionally, he will ask Wanda if the item is magical or just a normal, wooden box.

    Malmir is an elf. He knows a little more about the hidden dangers of the Warhammer world that his human companions. What he saw in the room concerned him greatly but, at the moment at least, those concerns are mere speculation.


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