Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Richer Blood: To Follow a Trial?

Malmir sighed, handing the box back to Wanda. It didn't appear to be magical at all. Just an ordinary, engraved  wooden box. He wondered how much his companions knew about... No! They were best not mentioned, even in thought. Before he left his people, he had been instructed, along with his brethern of similar age, on the foolishness and ignorance of men. Naively they'd plough on through, unknowing and uncaring of what their furrow would bring to the surface.

Still, it was just a sensation. A strange, itching hunch that there was more to this task than simple burglary. Time would most certainly tell, all he (and his companions for that matter) could do was proceed. Malmir braced himself, though carefully so that his companions would not see, to enter the next corridor. Doubtless they were ignorant, but elves suffered from a mild form of what humans would call claustophobia; a childhood in spacious, warm forest glades and abundant treetop dwellings would cause that. Still, it was more than controlled thanks, in part, to his wide ranging experience as a wanderer. Taking the lead, bow in hand, ploughing through the darkness with the strong humans at his back did wonders to alleviate the nagging pull of his anxiety.

Johann mentioned that there might be a trail. Good thinking, though Malmir, for a human. He was more than prepared to lead the group once again; after all his eyes were superior as were his reflexes.

Keeping his concerns to himself, Malmir checked his arrow was placed firmly upon the string and stepped forwards into the gloomy corridor. Automatically now, Werner and Johann resumed there positions behind him and he heard the soft padding of Kirsten further back still. Honestly, he doubted they'd find anything living along the next corridor but it was better to be prepared.

The wizard, if that was the right word, lifted the lamp and illuminated the damp corridor. Scanning the floor with his elven eyes, Malmir searched for a grim trail of blood or crimson, murderous footsteps.

He stepped forwards.

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