Monday, 11 June 2012

Richer Blood: A trail in the dark?

Malmir's suspicions chimed with Johann's own feelings on the whole matter. Something wasn't right. What kind of desperation, greed or madness drove a man to such an extreme that hacking off an arm became a reasonable course of action to obtain some desired trinket. He certainly didn't like the idea that the arm had been attached to another box, much like their own. He liked the idea that the thief and murderer now carried the box with the arm still attached even less. What did Oldenhaller want with such a jewel that corrupted the flesh and drove men mad. He for one wanted nothing to do with it if their enchanted box was not so enchanted.
Still they had a job to do. Johann had never reneged on a contract and he wasn't about to start, despite this particular enterprise stinking more than a bilge tank in high summer.

"I suggest we don't tarry in this charnel house. The jewel isn't here but I'm sure its the cause of this mess. I wonder if whoever took the arm has left us a trail. Wanda, shine a light through this doorway. Ready your weapons friends - there'll be more bloody ruin before the night's out, I'm sure..."

Gripping his sword tightly, Johann readied himself for the next horrors that might be waiting for them.   

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  1. Johann will invite Wanda to shine her light through the doorway they haven't yet investigated. If Malmir would like to go first again, bow at the ready, then Johann will follow on behind with Werner. He will be keepiong his eyes peeled for any trails of blood that might indicate the passage of the arm...


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