Friday, 1 June 2012

A Thorough Search: Wanda Stands By

Wanda watched as Kirsten and the elf snuck into the dark. She shut the lantern so that only a small portion of light still emitted, pointing the narrow beam down the corridor they had just come.

As she did so, she caught eyes with Harbull.

Of all the visitors to the Asylum that night, she appreciated his presence the most. Like herself, he seemed a fish out of water, more accustomed to honest and fearless work than this sort of thing. That said, even he seemed more comfortable with current events than she was.

He raised his eyebrows.

She pulled a face and shrugged - not much else I can do...

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  1. Wanda is just trying to dim the lights in the room as much as possible, to enable Werner and Johann to see Malmir and Kirsten in the corridor. Note - Wanda points the lantern towards the corridor they entered from, not the one Kirsten is in at the moment.


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