Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Akward! A torch in the hand is worth two in the mire

Nestled around the corner, Werner watched as Malmir slowly drew his bow taut, and Johann peered towards the door that Kristen had apparantly entered. Based on the conversation that drifted into the rank tunnels, and the rapt attention the males paid in her direction, she must be making another one of her....interesting shows.

He tried to adjust his hand a bit further away from the the heat and light or the torch he carried aloft in his off hand. Inching his fingers down the rapidly shortening torch, he quickly realized this torch was going to be done sooner rather than later.

As he contemplated putting his axe away for a moment to chain light another one of these makeshift torches Johann looks and gestures and nods. It's time to be ready. Werner nodded at Johann and hoists his axe a bit to communicate his readiness.

As his left hand begins to get painful something squelched under his foot. 'Crap.....' he mutters.

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