Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Another door: Johann readies himself once more

Johann stepped back with the rest of the party, grimacing as some vile substance oozed out from under his heel. By Taal, they were far from all that was good and natural. This place needed a good hard rain to wash the scum away.

Tightening his grip on his sword once more, Johann resolved to do his part in scouring this squalid corner of the city. He had wondered how he might react in a fight to the death - would he have any qualms in ending another's life in a situation he could have easily avoided by staying on the boat. Never get off the boat he had used to tell himself - don't get involved.
Crouched down in an open sewer, waiting once more to discover what unpleasantness lurked behind another locked door, all he felt was contempt and hatred for the sewer rats he was now potentially pitted against. They were vermin and should be dealt with accordingly.

"We won't be far behind you, Kirsten, should you need us..." he growled with a dull glint in his eye.

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  1. Johann will wait at the ready for Kirsten's signal and rush in sword drawn should she call for assistance.


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