Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Another door.

Exiting in the direction the dying man had indicated the party found themselves in a channel of pungent filth. No doubt once a minor tributary of the Talb years of night soil have left the water shallow and barely flowing. 

 Unusually the once open sewer had been dug deep and wide with a covering of wooden boards in most places, probably to facilitate the hidden movement of contraband. The channels go in several directions, probably linking to other parts of the asylum, Kirsten found it easy to follow the thieves signs daubed on the boards that formed their low roof. The journey is surprisingly short and uneventful and unsurprisingly filthy. At the end there is a gap in the sewer walls and here once more a door presents itself, painted crudely upon the door is the sign of a fig leaf.

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  1. Sorry it took so long to post.

    I've started a new chapter with fewer labels, if you need any more let me know and I'll see about putting them in.

    Wanda is able to salvage the lantern but is is very short on oil, I'll assume you save it until the torch runs out.


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