Friday, 20 July 2012

Refusal: Malmir Strikes

Within a heartbeat of Kirsten's attack, the elf had struck. This was not the sudden, spurting movement of an awkward human, nor the gangling swagger of a brutish goblinoid but the a graceful, precise deadliness of motion that seemed all at once a blur of vibrant colours, and a stark, hard blackness. Malmir swept through the doorway, his bowstring as taut as his nerve but he had done this many, many times before and against far worse enemies than mere, degenerate humans. 

Feeling the hot, body heat of Werner and Johann at his back as they too sprang into action, Malmir released his arrow at the nearest, and most dangerous looking target, before stepping back confidently to allow room for the passage of his burly, human companions. Without thought, he selected a second arrow from his quiver and brought the fletch down quickly to the notch. He would loose and loose again until their opponents were down or he met his violent end.

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