Friday, 27 July 2012

The Coiled Spring

Kirsten recoiled in horror at the sight of blood spurting from the leaders wound. Though she hadn't killed him -she'd flinched at the moment of release, her spirit railing against the though of sending a thumb-thick piece of wood and iron into a mans heart- she felt guilt roil in her belly.

Yet these were evil men. They'd killed other men just hours before. And now, they'd kill her companions if they let her. Malmir was aready knocking another arrow, not yet ready to enter the sprawling melee. She didn't trust herself to shoot again into the riot before her, but nor could she leave Werner and Johann fighting two to one.
She set the empty crossbow aside, leaning it hurriedly against one wall and drawing her sword even as she waited for Malmir to shoot. As soon as the elf let fly, she would charge.

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  1. Kirsten will wait until the Elf shoots (not likely to be a problem as Malmir is probably higher in the initiative order) and will then charge one of the thugs to prevent any two from ganging up on Werner or Johann.


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