Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A hive of activity?

Kirsten cautiously moved down the passage with Malmir acting almost as her shadow. As they neared the light at the end they stood for a while allowing their eyes to adjust to the relative glare. From the darkness they could see frantic activity. Less than half a dozen men were working shifting crates, barrels and heavy sacks onto small carts clearly ready to move the large rooms contents on. A Foreman watched the task being carried out, hands on hips. It was evident that some of the men were injured and all were tired.


  1. What's less than half a dozen? 5? 3? Including the foreman, how many people are there?

  2. What are the nature of the injuries? Industrial? Combat? Illness?

  3. If Wanda wants to find out more she can wander down and poke her head through the door, as it stands Kirsten and Malmir, without getting too close can see a number of people through the relatively small doorway into a large room. The people are working and they have a vague idea on the numbers, probably no more than six and almost certainly more than three. At least one worker has a bandaged leg, they all look a bit disheveled.


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