Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Bedlam in the Asylum.

Malmir’s arrow flies true enough and embeds itself in the ankle of the leader who clutching his ankle upon the floor made no further immediate movement.

Kirsten charged the nearest enemy which proved to be the thug Werner was attacking. Her blow landed clumsily but effectively upon her enemies thigh. Distracted by this attack the villain’s guard was down allowing Werner to swing a chop in from the side. Werner’s blow smashed through the arm and into the chest of his opponent, caving in one side of his ribcage. The arm was completely destroyed and blood showered Werner and Kirsten as the thug collapsed, dying almost instantly from shock and blood loss.

Johann pressed his attack but was unable to connect with his own victim who at that moment stepped back to draw a long dagger which he swiped at Johann’s face. “Die Imperial”, he hissed as the blade glanced across Johanns cheek.

In all the chaos Harbul and Wanda waited, small weapons drawn, eyes wide.

T2 is dead, T1 is injured.


  1. Yes combat is quick and deadly, good job you had surprise. As best I can I'll quote the critical effects as written but so they fit in with the narrative.

    Johann takes 2 wounds.

  2. How about a sketch map of all our locations at the end of this round? It could be very useful when planning the next round of combat.

  3. OK no problem, quickly made in my lunch hour so not spectacular. may replace later with something better.

  4. Oh no scales here, I think the room is probably not this big!

  5. Is there a door on the far side? Or just a doorway....


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