Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Hive Of Activity: In Too Deep

Harbull nodded... "I'm with Werner... rush in, shout an ultimatum... but prepare for them to be stubborn about it. Hopefully they've got the whatsit and we can tumble out of here straightaway afterward without any more bloodshed."


To himself Harbull thought that the prospect of no bloodshed wasn't looking too damn likely... but at the moment, as long as the blood wasn't his or Werner's he wasn't too concerned. 
The wisest choice would probably be to leave now, get to the surface, make a hasty escape from the city and never come back... not likely to happen though.
If they could get paid and leave town before any serious plays for retribution got underway he'd count himself lucky and do his best to keep distant of any more contracts that involved street gangs and sewers.

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