Sunday, 9 September 2012

A bold plan: Hands of a long arm

He could feel the tension in the room increasing. Like a bad night at the Trussed Goose when two hot heads had an issue that would only end with a fight, but first needed to drink their way towards it.....
Hands felt a bit sweaty, but dry enough to keep a grip on the crossbow and their unfortunate hostage, he thanked the gods silently that he had a few drips of wine to steady his nerves for this.

Werner eyed the well appointed man who had entered the room. If his fine drapery wasn't indication enough or leadership, the way the other men in the room glanced in his direction confirmed it. This was the man to impress with their arguments.

As Wanda's argument wound down Werner spoke: "You may outnumber us in this room, but we are but a dagger in the hand of another. This person can afford to throw many, many daggers towards you. It's easy enough to halt the coming violence".

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