Sunday, 9 September 2012

A Bold Plan: Johann tries a little gentle persuasion...

As the seconds ticked inexorably by and the standoff continued, Johann tightened his grip around his captive. Forcing the big Foreman's arm further up his back and increasing the pressure around his throat, the boatman leaned in and between gritted teeth, hissed an ultimatum to his hostage,

"Listen Tilean, if you hold any sway over these men and any value on your life, I suggest you order them to lower their weapons. We already have the abbatoir's stink about us and I have no qualms about any further butchery. I have snapped the neck of many a brigand stouter than you and my friend here isn't known for having the steadiest trigger finger in the world..."

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  1. Obviously Werner needs some more alcohol to steady that finger....


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