Monday, 3 September 2012

A bold plan.

After some considerable discussion in hushed tones a bold plan was decided upon. They would be quick, they would be decisive. The group marched down, the big men at the front. The gangster’s foreman called up, ”Hey Daddo what’s up?” before realising that his comrade was not approaching but quite possibly a threat from a surprising direction. With rather too mach noise Johann easily grappled the plump Tilean whilst Werner pressed a loaded crossbow to his chest. Shortly after Malmir and Kirsten appeared bow and crossbow in hand to cover the remaining workers. With daggers drawn Wanda and Harbull brought up the rear looking as menacing as confidence would allow. Moments later two armed villains appeared from around the bend in right most of the rooms three exits. Holding loaded weapons they pointed them at the band of brave adventurers, meanwhile the five work crew availed themselves of daggers, clubs of wood and loading hooks. A quiet standoff momentarily arose before a door opened to the parties extreme right, a large burly figure dressed expensively with well oiled hair and a magnificent scar down his right check entered. “What, by Ranalds sweet luck is happening here?”, he demanded.


  1. Test to see if you approached unobserved failed so miserably I decided you couldn't even have been trying. All the same I gave you surprise because it would genuinely have been unexpected.

    Apologies for the delay (well after you came up with a consensus) I've been on holiday and missing my books!

  2. No probs - I was thinking the bad guys might have left by now ;)


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