Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Cautiously Wanda allowed herself to be escorted by the Head Tilean's henchman into what proved to be a rather small anti-chamber. A good trunk and bed lay to one side and what could best be described as a robust, butchers table to the other. Large blunt implements made to crush and inflict pain lay along side the more normal edged fair to be found in a hired killer's arsenal.

Ahead lay a strong oak door upon which the burly enforcer knocked in a comically genteel way. No answer came. After a brief pause the ruffian called to his boss, "Boss, Boss?" Again no reply came.

Deciding an investigation was warranted the brute forced open the door. Peering inside Wanda saw a well appointed room which lay in a deceptively tidy state. A tapestry depicting some vaguely remembered scene from Myrmidia's life hung on the back wall and to either side shelves staked with ledgers and well made chests rose from floor to ceiling. A desk made of some Lustrian hardwood filled the room, the ink wells and papers scattered across it's top showed that some disturbance had occurred. The rich Araby rug the desk stood upon was another matter, sprawled across the blood drenched weave lay a body that by the thugs actions could only be his now decapitated boss. Wanda had met the head, who was now headless.

The brute turned to look Wanda deep into her eyes, through an emotionless stare he spoke quietly, "did you do this?"

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