Thursday, 27 September 2012

To sleep...

Wanda streched out her hand and touched the large man who collapse into a deep sleep...


  1. OK now what do you do?

    Oh sorry about time taken to post, I'm n the middle of a pretty intensive course at the moment.

  2. Oh dear! I didn't actually want to cast the spell - I just wanted to know what I would need to do if I needed to defend myself :D

    Okay, that's fine, though, we can work with this. Let's assume that in her impulsive rage, Wanda loosed a sleep spell and the chap has collapsed, as you say.

    So, I'll pick up one of the blunt instruments from the torture table (in case he starts waking up - I can bludgeon him to submission again) and I'll see what is in the room in order to tie him up. Perhaps he has a belt or some boot laces? Or is there some handy rope lying around?

    The objective is to tie him up (hands behind his back). If he starts waking up, I will beat him and beat him until he falls asleep again :)

  3. We can go backwards, let me know exactly what you wanted to do and we'll make it happen.

  4. Lets leave it like it is. This is Wanda's first adventure and she's only about two hours into the experience, so its entirely plausible that she lost control after being manhandled into the room. I like the twist and I think it fits well with her character. I'll write something to express the casting of the spell and possibly change the last entry to match.

    Which means we're now in the situation where she will try and tie his hands behind his back and collect a blunt instrument to beat him senseless with if he decides to wake up...


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