Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Kisten Takes The Deal.

Kirsten nodded, not taking her eyes off the other corridor.

A wall? What could they mean by that? Surely not an actual defensive wall. Down here?

"You lads are in over your heads, that's the Gods' own truth of it." She made a dismissive gesture with her loaded crossbow, careful not to let it waver too far away from the mid-point between the thugs and the source of the ghastly noises. " If you rats want to abandon ship, we won't stop you. But you take what you're carryin' and that's it. Now turn out your pockets before you go. We've no interest in any pretty baubles or hard shinnies you might be carrying, but we're not letting you out of here with what we've come for either."

She shrugged again,

"Soon as that's done, you can go. You're in your own escaping time now boys."

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