Saturday, 13 October 2012

Meanwhile... Johann gets an itch

Johann was somewhat relieved that Werner had broken the increasingly awkward silence. For some reason only banalities about the current state of the weather had popped into his head while he sought for something menacing to say.

It was getting difficult to keep himself fired up, ready for combat and as the minutes crawled by, adrenalin crept away from his limbs, leaving a hollow and empty ache in his joints. Johann wrinkled his nose - his hostage's stench wasn't getting any better either.

Then there was the itch. He must have caught some small barb in his jerkin, or else some rough thread had worked its way loose. Whatever it was, it was now tormenting a spot in the small of his back. Not wishing his captive to think him fidgety or distracted, Johann shifted his weight roughly and spoke,

"Aye, the big man speaks true enough. We have no personal interest in your affairs, whatever they may be down here. Let our bosses talk it over, while we all have a breather. I dare say our little friend may be of assistance with your mate down there, were you to lower those weapons..."

He tried not to grimace as the spot on his back began to tingle once more.

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