Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The captives go....

Werner's jaw dropped as the mercurial character of their elven companion struck again. Dropping his grip on his captive and striding off tilted the dynamics suddenly...and precariously. Fighting hard not to curse or betray his new anxiety with the elf out of the room he could but smile grimly as the mass of hostile men moved towards the door and their now diminished ranks.

A step forward......a step to the side. Werner quickly made space for the throng to bolt towards the door. Standing between freedom and frightened farm animals has a recipe for injury.....the wisdom seemed to hold true at this point as well.

Forcing an upbeat tone to his voice Werner remarked, "glad you gentlemen have made a good decision. Hopefully the night is looking up for us all".

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  1. As soon as the last of the baddies leave the room Werner will close the door and try to barricade it with whatever is at hand. Possibly the cart of goods the labourers were loading?

    A good looting about will probably follow....


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