Monday, 22 October 2012

The Elf let his captive go, perhaps the sudden change in fortunes was too much to take in without a word the fellow looked round wide eyed and fled back the way the adventurers had arrived.

This was perhaps the final trigger that let the labourers decide that leaving now was their best course of action. reluctant to give up their weapons they advanced towards the exit. The apparent leader, still holding his crossbow  remarked, "I'd let us go now, there is no need to fight but compared to what lies ahead I think we'd take our chances fighting you."

As Malmir stepped through the door way he found himself in a reasonable sized anti-chamber, devices for extracting truth and delivering punishment lined a wooden table. The great hulk of a man from earlier lay on the floor and a very jumpy Wanda stood over him brandishing a club of some sort.

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