Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A Confession of Sorts

Wanda listened impatiently as the man responded to the varied questions the party put to him. It seemed to her that he wasn't nearly observant as he had originally seemed, something that reduced his already pitiful rank in the food chain to beyond negligible.

"Firstly, how much time has passed since the boss shut himself in there," she waved at the lavish office, "and told you to 'sort it'?"

"Secondly, who delivered the gem from the Schatzenheimers?"

"Finally, as you have now realised, I'm in the business of magic. Whilst I don't rule anything out, it is my professional opinion that magic has not been used to get into your boss' office. This suggests that either: you were negligent in your guard duty and someone snuck past you, you betrayed your boss and admitted his killer, or there is another way into your boss' office. Perhaps you could enlighten us as to your opinion of how the killers gained access?"

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  1. @Erny - I know the best way to get your question answered is to ask one question at a time, but I thought with the turnaround time for dialogue, I'd get all my questions in one dialogue.


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