Friday, 9 November 2012


Werner chuckled softly to himself as he proceeded to fill his backpack with a number of bottles of fine brandy, carefully packed with mounds of pipe weed. Whether this gem was recovered or not, there was some profit to be made here for eating expenses......"and drinking" his mind echoed back at him. Mouth suddenly dry he tried to shake it off, hadn't he just polished off some vile, unsatisfying, and thin red wine?

Aware that there some threat that had thoroughly spooked the gangers he left his axe lying on the table within quick reach. With that sensible precaution done, he continued to methodically open and check boxes....perhaps there was something extra in one of these boxes. Some fine clothes perhaps? Perhaps some gunpowder? Surely there was a box of special consumer goods.

"THIS is what adventuring is about, heh Harbull? Looting the treasure your enemies leave behind. This", he said eying a new bottle of brandy appreciatively,  "is fantastic."

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