Thursday, 22 November 2012

Johann: More than one way to skin a Tilean

Johan looked up as Wanda re-entered the room. The way she strode across the room, her face set with a stony determination was new and he wondered at how much her horizons must have been widened in the past few hours.

It was only with mild surprise, closely followed by the usual laconic smile, when the Enchantress' hand rested on his and exerted a gentle pressure to force his blade a little closer to his hapless captive's throat.

Gathering a handful of lank hair in his fist, Johann slowly and deliberately drew the villain's head back to further expose his pale throat to the cold touch of the blade. Ensuring too that the Tilean had seen that both Wanda and he meant business, Johann whispered in a low growl.

"Best do as the boss says. I'm not sure what's worse - being skinned alive with this fine array of tools you have here, or by one of her curses..."

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