Sunday, 25 November 2012

More questions in the dark.

The thug was clearly becoming more uncomfortable, sweat beaded on his forehead in the close confines of the chamber. “I didn’t see it long, it was like an egg but lots of colours, not anything I’d seen before. Now let me go.”

Meanwhile passionless elven eyes surveyed the headless corpse.  Malmir had seen enough of fights, indeed a body lay but a few passages back in similar circumstances, he knew this was not the result of combat. The blood had drained enough to see that head had not been hacked off, the flesh had been parted with a few sharp swift cut and the spine parted between the bones.  Skill and strong sharp equipment applied after death were all that the elf could consider to account for this.

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  1. Good job Malmir passed his will test and the thug failed his...or did he???


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