Saturday, 10 November 2012

What Wanda Did

"Oh, thank heavens!" Wanda muttered, looking up as Malmir entered the room. The elf was emotionless as he took in the scene.

Wanda looked down to the big thug. "He's probably going to wake up any second, so I..."

Wanda's voice trailed off as saw the back of the elf leave the same way he had come.

What? What the hell?

"Malmir! Malmir! MALMIR!" she hissed fiercely as she clenched her teeth.

Shit. He's bloody gone and left! Wanda looked back down at the man, who uttered a low groan. Taking no chances, she cracked the club down on the back of his head, before shuffling away from the body to lean out through the door to see what that stupid elf found more important than helping a lady in distress.

Unable to quite reach the on her knees, she stood up, daring the downed brute to make a move or sound by brandishing her club in his general direction. Slowly, she backed towards the door. She turned to look out-

Lo! Here was Malmir again!

"What the bloody hell was that? Why'd you walk off like that?" she barked.

"You had it under control," he said in a stone voice. He gently pushed passed her into the room.

Furious, she spun to face him, her finger poised to support the fury that-hell-hath-not she was about to unleash, when the words sank in.

Under. Control.

"Wait! What do you..."

She blinked. Had she needed help? Don't be stupid, Wanda, of course you needed help! How many times have you ever been manhandled by some Tilean thug? 

That's right, dear - that was your first time.  

Yeah - but he lost and I won. 

But, her mind said calmly back to her, not because you had it under control. You were asking a question and you ended up casting sleep on him. 

Not so fast, she replied - he was going to attack me!

You weren't in control!

I was fine, thanks very much!

"'re damn right I had it under control!" she hissed viciously. The elf had closed the matter, leaving her standing there with her mouth opening and closing while her brain searched for words. That bloody elf!

Johann appeared next. He smiled down at her before offering her the opportunity to step aside. He was clearly amused, but she couldn't tell if it was sympathy for her with the emotionless elf, or an unusual gesture of respect for the scenario in the room - Wanda, one, thug, nil.

She stepped aside as he drew his sword, bumping into Kirsten, who had been quietly standing in the shadows. Kirsten squeezed her shoulder.

"Well done Wanda. Well done."

Having lost the target for her planned lashing of the tongue, she muttered through clenched teeth:

"One day, Kirsten, I'm going to punch that elf. Maybe not today, but one day..."


  1. As always, this is how I would imagine the short, frayed temper of young Wanda to be - nothing personal, Mr Orlygg!

    Also, I trust you don't mind me injecting a line of dialogue for your elf - let me know if you want me to change that to something more characterful. I imagine that's how he would respond?

    Finally, apologies all for not posting throughout - having fought my way through man flu and what I now suspect was Lyme's disease, autumn decided ti kick me in the nuts with the common cold (two weeks already!), so, with all the drugs and considerable lack of focus, I wasn't actually sure what all was happening. Anyway, back on form!

  2. No worries matey - I think mine is coming up to week 3 now. I'm forgetting about Vitamin C and healthy stuff - its a scorched earth policy facilitated by booze that I'm going for this weekend...

    1. Oh and as for the meaning behind Johann's smile - I'm afraid he's a tight lipped bugger when it comes to things like this so I'll have to leave that one hanging ;)

    2. Yeah - I think the scorched earth policy is about to take effect here as well. Buttercup sure as hell isn't helping me get any sleep. ..

  3. Damn, Lyme's disease and two colds! Lyme's disease is bad enough but good on your gp for catching it. Not many do.

    Hope you both (Gaj and Thantsants) get yourselves feeling better soon.

    1. Thanks, Mr Legion. Unfortunately, the GP didn't catch it - I was diagnosed with a 'flu-like illness'. I just think it was Lyme's disease based on the descriptions of those that have it and the fact that we are surrounded by deer and, of course, deer ticks (I remove ticks from the cats every single day!)

      Anyway, almost through the final cold. I can't believe anything else could happen, now...

    2. Seems a safe assumption to me. It's a nasty one regardless. Don't think I've ever had it myself and I sincerely hope I never do. Always a risk though when you like the outdoors.


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