Monday, 17 December 2012

The upper hand: I'll act as the rear guard....

Werner finished stuffing his road worn pack with highly valuable, and more importantly, highly delicious loot. His long suffering road companion Harbull looked up from the latest of the disappointing crates, (alas merely finely embroidered wall hangings a noble would be happy to have grace his bed chambers and nary a bite to eat) and piped up: "Hey, where'd everyone get off to? Should we maybe go have a look... maybe they found the whatsit..."

 Werner nodded. Suddenly the distraction of brady passed, here they were in a dangerous sewer alone in the room that had been barricaded to prevent something from getting the gang. A something that very much frightened them. Strange noises echoed up from the barricaded corridor, were they unnatural things or not? Only someone insane enough to stay down here for a long time would be able to differentiate.

Werner quickly followed Harbull into the adjoining chamber and the companionship and safety of their comrades. Noting the discussion about missing anything in the room he shuddered a bit, he couldn't blame Kirsten if she did a desulatory search, that room made his skin crawl.

"I...ugh.....I can help guard our prisoner if any of you wish to search the room. Perhaps there are some healthy incense or what not we could burn while you are in there, it's a bit........vile."

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  1. And if the smoke from burning incense happens to help reveal a secret door or whatever from the draft affecting the smoke visually, so much the better.


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