Friday, 18 May 2012

Almost there..

OK not so very long now until the first GM post in the campaign and then it will be over to you.  Werner may be a little late joining us due to work commitments but we shall see.

I have a slight confession, I’ve written quite a wordy introduction that could possibly be interpreted as rail-roading, something that I would try hard not to do as a GM but there are four reasons why I’m sure you will indulge me.

1) We have at least two players for who this is the first or almost the first experience of role playing a little guidance in this situation is I feel actually called for.

2) I have started in several online pbp games where the initial meet and greets down the local tavern have taken about a month to get through to arrive at what can best be described as pretty generic reasons for the group to be together. We have actually lost players during this time period, I really don’t want this stalling at the Reavers Return.

3) TEW is one long but immensely entertaining railroad of an adventure, don’t worry I won’t overtly guide you to any of the encounters if you miss them you miss them. Also I’ll include plenty of random seemingly meaningless stuff too to give you real choice. Anyway playing TEW particularly with the Pregens means you have already surrendered a small amount of authorship, for big payouts, my introduction really doesn’t add so very much to the prewritten back story.

4) If there really is anything that your not happy with for your character (there really is very little of consequence), then I’m happy to change it.

Now watch this space, first post is very soon…..

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  1. That's fine by me. Every campaign needs a little railraoding at the start. Even if it's just "you all meet at an inn and decide to become adventurers."


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