Thursday, 17 May 2012

To move a town.

OK I tried but I just can't work out how to run the Oldenhaller Contract with its three criminal gangs and whole underground criminal complex in a backwater town on the Delb. It's not on a trade route, it has a tiny population of 2000. The whole point of Delberz is nothing happens there, if I were to change it enough to fit it in with Delberz as it is, it just wouldn't t be the adventure some of us know and love. Equally I can't move all the pcs to start in Nuln, mistaken identity would then make no sense... So here is my solution, I'm moving Delberz 25 miles south to the NW side of the Delb/ Talabec confluence and doubling its population. It now lies on a major trade route and has a population to support at least one criminal gang. Also it isn't that far away from it's actual position as to effect anything to come and still is boarding enough to need to leave for any adventure.


  1. Sounds good to me. After all, GW have moved the town at least twice themselves (during the Storm of Chaos, for example). If they can do it, why not you? After all, it's not as though Imperial cartographers are all going to agree is it?

  2. Yeah, just say the map was wrong to begin with. Maybe an intentional prank on Delberz by a cartographer who got robbed/poisoned/STDs there.


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