Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Oldenhaller contract?

OK I’ve had a request to start the campaign by running the introductory scenario from the rule book. At play by post speed it may take a few weeks to get through but I’m more then happy to run it if the enthusiasm is there from you guys.

Let me know by Thursday if you would be happy with this or if you would rather press ahead with TEW? I’ll go with the majority view of responders.


  1. I'm happy to go with the Oldenhaller contract first, if you like. I don't think it would require too many changes. Perhaps you could set the adventure in Delburz? Depending on how it works out, it might give us even more incentive to leave town afterwords.

  2. I'd be happy to go through that bit as well. I think I read it once long ago but remember very little.

  3. Might be a good way to work the kinks out of the system and get us all used to one another. I'd be happy to go with the contract.

  4. OK that's a vote of 4 in favor. I'll have to rework it a little so it makes sense set in a small town like Delberz rather than a teaming city like Nuln. Also with two of the PCs actually being resident in Delberz I may miss out the fluff to do with finding somewhere to stay at the start and cut straight to the main plot.


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