Saturday, 19 May 2012

A Fateful Meeting - Harbull pokes Johann angrily

Harbull began poking Johann in the ribs... the lower ribs...

"HEY! I... AM... NOT... A... COOK!!!"
"WHAT IS WITH YOU PEOPLE?!!! ALWAYS assuming that all of us Halflings are cooks?!!! WELL, WE'RE NOT!!!... Hey, since you're a man how about I just hitch you up to a plow and assume that you're clumsy, smelly and break wind a lot?!!!... any fool can bake muffins or a whip up a decent omelet, make a nice pudding... any traveler worth his snuff has a good cookbook or two in his satchel and some sturdy cookware... maybe an herb sachet if he's fortunate... but that doesn't make him A COOK!!! I'll have you know that my value to any group endeavor run a lot deeper than your undoubtably questionable appetites!"


"I feel dizzy..."

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  1. Note: Harbull's poking is not intended to cause appreciable damage.


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