Saturday, 19 May 2012

A Fateful Meeting: Johann throws in his lot

Johann surveyed the busy scene before him thoughtfully. His interest had been piqued by the great ox of a farmhand, who had responded so enthusiastically to the town crier's message. It seemed that the young man shared Johann's desire to leave the drudgery of his old life, in search of adventure and the riches it could bring; besides he looked like he knew how to use the axes that hung from his belt, which would make him a good ally to have on the road.

His two companions seemd a mixed bunch - the diminutive Halfling might have his uses as a cook. Johann doubted whether he'd be much use in a tight scrape, although weren't his kind proficient as thieves...

The young, feral-looking woman, who stood between this mismatched pair interrupted his musings and Johann's ears pricked up at the mention of boats and good pay. If Oldenhaller owned the river in this town, he might prove a good patron to have, mused the ex-boatman. It sounded like these potential travelling companions had had trouble getting passage on the river and this might prove a bargaining chip...

As Johann considered his next move, he was startled to hear his new companion's mandolin burst into life. His eyes narrowed and flickered between Malmir and the crowd he had begun to address, a crowd which looked none too receptive of the Elf's finely crafted words. The naive fool was likely to get himself into trouble with his pretty speeches, judging by the hard stares being directed at him from some of the other groups of more professional looking adventurers.

Things went from bad to worse as the Halfling, going by the name of Hairball or something, bounded up to Malmir like a lost puppy and started babbling all kinds of nonsense. Johann heard a derisive snigger or two from some of the bystanders and decided to act before they became a laughing stock...

Stepping forward to stand shoulder to shoulder with Malmir, Johann towered over the Halfling,

"Well little fellow, we may have need of a cook, however, I think our Elven friend is looking for strong arms and stronger nerves."

Johann turned his gaze up from the halfling to the big labourer,

"Your lady friend looks like she's seen something of the seedier side of life and survived it. I know the river and the folk on it. I can handle a boat and this sword. What say you - can we count on your strength in this endeavour?"

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