Friday, 18 May 2012

A Fateful Meeting - Kirsten the Cautious

Forgetting her manners, or, more accurately, caring little for such conventions, Kirsten answered Werner's jovial question before the other woman could even open her mouth.

"Herr Oldenhaller owns most of the boats you and Hairba- I mean, Harbal, tried to book passage on the other day."

Her voice was steady enough, but she'd paled noticeably at Werner's enthusiasm for dangerous work. Yet still, dangerous work was certain to be well-paid work. Given her notably deteriorating relations with the upstart Tileans muscling in on the local gangs -and, more worryingly- independant opportunists such as herself- it was high time she found means to leave Delberz behind forever. Besides, this Werner was a big, hefty lad. She was in little doubt he could look after himself well enough -and even Al had been reluctant to take on the big man toe to toe. She didn't entirely trust the big bumpkin yet, of course. She'd learned the hard way that men might offer protection of a sort fully in the expectation of receiving something from her in return. Something she'd not been willing to give. But the brute's halfling companion was too short and child-like to possibly have any carnal intentions towards her, and she hadn't even once caught Werner giving her the sort of look that might warn her he had something along those lines in mind.

"I think that Herr Oldenhaller is sure to pay well. Well enough that we might even be able to buy passage on a riverboat heading upriver towards Altdorf."

Altdorf. A real city. A clever fraulein could no doubt find ways to better herself in the Empire's capital. Way's truly unavailable to her here, in this little river-side town she had already outgrown. She was still considering that when a tall, lithe man -no, not a man, by Ranald,  but an honest-to-Gods elf, began addressing those nearby in a sweetly melodious voice!

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