Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Getting into Character.

Now that we have six players signed up (or should have shortly) we need to get the PCs sorted. I’d really like to go with the Pregens as these characters to me are The Enemy Within as much as the intricate plot. It is however especially important that you like the character you are playing and are motivated to post so if nothing strikes your fancy here I could be persuaded to slightly alter the characters e.g. Walter Weltshmerz instead of Wanda, make Johan more talkative, you get the idea. Alternatively we could look at the pregens from the Oldenhaller contract or put your faith in the dice gods though I’d rather not do that if possible. For one using the pregens means we have nifty little character pictures to post at the start of your actions so we know at a glance who is doing what, more on that in the posting guide to come. Nothing quite says Enemy Within to me than those buff coloured pages.

Could you all reply to this post with your choice of characters in order of preference and  I’ll see if we can make everyone happy. Any conflicts of choice I’ll resolve randomly. Alternatively if you all agree I can dish them all out randomly. Once done I’ll send you all out your individual character sheets and extra background information. Due to the time commitments of some players I’m planning to start with a first post on Friday the 18th so we have plenty of time to get everything sorted.
So without further ado here they are:


Harbull Furfoot. Halfling, male, academic, herbalist.
The medic, curious and cheerful, just don’t ask him to cook.


Wanda Weltshmerz. Human, female, academic, wizards apprentice.
Magic and some limited info on the forces at work in the world. Independent, thoughtful, head strong.


Johan “Rowlocks” Dassbϋt. Human, male, ranger, boatman.
A fighter with useful outdoor skills. Stoic, thoughtful a man of few words.


Werner “Pickaxe” Marrmann. Human, male, warrior, labourer.
A fighter strong and tough. Honest, trusting even naive.


Kirsten Krank. Human, female, rouge, thief (general).
The thief and scout. A joker, cheerful, it would be impolite to call her dishonest.


Malmir Giluviel. Elf, male, rouge, minstrel.
A fighter and a charmer. The wandering outsider.


  1. Ideal preference would be Johan, but I'd be quite happy to get a random character if needs be.

    Kirsten could be fun too...

  2. My ideal preference would be Malmir but I'd a random character would also suit. Perhaps that might be more appropriate if others agree?

  3. Hi Erny - I'd like to be one of the characters that can write (I'm considering writing a 'journal' from the characters point of view) - that being Wanda or Harbull. I like both characters and I have no problem playing a member of the opposite sex, if needs be. Personally, I feel like I relate to Harbull more, but I think Wanda would produce a more insightful journal.

  4. Well it looks like no conflicts of choice so far but still two or three people to make a choice. Looking forward to seeing your journal Gaj, will you start a new blog for it or put it on your current one? You are very welcome to put links to it from here.

  5. Hi there. I'd prefer Kirsten or Harbull. Werner would be my fthird choice -which is kinda handy since those are the three that are left.

  6. To be honest, I have no idea. I suspect it would be something seperate, as I presume different people would be interested.

    As regards choice, given Lead Legions list of wants and the fact that she would be a much better narrator, then I'll opt for Wanda as my first choice (to eliminate doubt).

  7. I can take Werner. This is the list of players/characters I beleive.

    Harbull - (lead)
    Wanda - Gaj
    Johan - Thamtsants
    Werner - Daveb
    Kirsten - (lead)
    Malmir - oriygg

  8. Indeed! I believe Lead Legion is leaning towards Kirsten so I think I shall keep Harbull in as an NPC. That way he is always there for someone to take over later on. Indeed a sixth player has asked to join but has not accepted their invite.

    So if nobody has any objection the cast stands as :

    Harbull - NPC
    Wanda - Gaj
    Johan - Thantsants
    Werner - Daveb
    Kirsten - Lead Legion
    Malmir - orlygg

    I'll post out the full character sheets plus any additional useful rules and information soon.

  9. ... Agreed.

    - being, as I am now, a man of few words ;)

  10. I'm a bit late to supper on this... but if Harbull remains unchosen I'd take him. I've never played a halfling before.

  11. And then we were I didn't expect to fill all the characters.

  12. That's us off to a great start then. Good news.

  13. I have just found an online copy of The Enemy Within! A very useful read for background and the characters. I have to stop myself reading up on the adventure itself though!

    Cannot wait for this to begin!


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