Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A note on ignorance.

When WHFRP was released the world of Warhammer was much different to how it stands today. The differences range from sweeping changes in the political and social outlooks of races and nations to the dynamics of how magic works and the very nature of the gods. I’ll brush over these differences in a later post but here I will explain why these differences actually mean rather little to your average retro adventurer.

To truly capture the experience of the enemy within campaign you must remember one thing above all others. You know nothing. Everything is hidden, Chaos is never spoken of or even thought about for long. It is the evil forever in the corner of your vision you dare not try to focus on it least it notice you as well. If you have ever played Call of Cthulhu which no doubt heavily influenced WHFRP then you know the sort of experience we are aiming at. Magic is rarely seen and is probably some conjurers trick and fantastical monsters are just that, may as well believe in elephants as much as dragons, gorillas as much as Orcs.  That is you have seen none of them and believe as much or as little about them as appropriate for your character.

Your experiences outside your social class which is usually low, amount to nothing. In short you know nothing, the greater social and political geography of the old world mean little to you not to mention the other greater schemes of things

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