Thursday, 24 May 2012

Into The Asylum: What's In The Hole?

Harbull knelt at the edge of the pit and whispered down to Malmir, "Malmir, are you sure you are alone down there? No snakes? No rats? No big pointy spikes?... If I were building a trap outside my front door I'd put spikes at the bottom... and maybe some snakes... are Elves afraid of snakes?... Not that I'd want to trap Elves mind you..."
Harbull looked up from the brink at Kirsten, "So what do you think? We knocked... and... nothing... well, except for the Elf in a hole... but that was after he... HEY! 'Elf In A Hole'...That would be a good name for a kind of toasted cheese sandwich... like with a big slice of bread with a hole plucked out of it and some hot melty cheese dropped in and maybe an egg... and a little bit of bacon. I think it should be a good strong stinky cheese... not that I'm saying Elves are stinky..."

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