Thursday, 24 May 2012

Into The Asylum: Werner recalls a precedent

Werner's jaw drops for a moment in astonishment: Elves can disappear! Perhaps there is something to the stories.......he thinks. After a moment his brain reconstructs what has happened in the gloom.

"This reminds me of the time Rudolph fell down the old Hansfelter well," he notes. Looking dubiously at the small patch of ground between the door and the pit he shakes his head at the suggestions to block the door.

"Kirsten, if anyone shows up, explain to them we have a drunk down there, the gods know enough people fall down holes if they can't handle their alcohol" The thought of alcohol makes Werner's palate tingle momentarily before he gets back on task.

Laying down on his belly he leans over the edge and inspects the pit. "Malmir, can you reach my hand if you jump?" His hand dangles into the darkness. "I may be able to climb down and boost you if no one has a rope."


  1. OOC: Can werner use his scale sheer surfaces to safely descend and ascend? If it's a narrow pit he could probably chimney climb it without needing handholds.

    1. If he can he will go down and boost Malmir out (assuming reaching down or a rope isn't possible).


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