Sunday, 27 May 2012

Unexpected Discoveries: Malmir searches for answers

"I think you may be correct in that presumption, halfling." Malmir commented wryly. The elf peered around the room as if to double check that the place was, indeed, empty of life. With no breathing inhabitant of the Asylum present, Malmir cast his acute eyes across the debris as if searching for some clue to explain the disarray.

"Bring that lantern closer please, Wanda." He asked gently, before stepping forwards (his bow still taut with arrow) into the chaos. "Perhaps a clue can be found amongst this refuse? If someone would do me the kindness to watch the two doors to guard against the sudden arrival of a 'friend', as being caught amongst this mess will surely invite more than mere suspicion, I shall endeavour to search these remains for any clue of their true nature."

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  1. OCC

    Malmir will use his superior vision here to search through the debris for any clue to what has occurred. Additionally, he will be on the look out for anything remotely useful amongst the debris, or indeed, valuable to his companion's needs. He will attempt this as quietly as possible so not to arouse any threats nearby.


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